Eagle Boring is capable of handling your short run prototype parts milled from solid or cast. Eagle Boring can handle a wide range of parts and weldments up to 80 inches in one set up. Eagle Boring is committed to supplying a good product in a tight turn around environment. Eagle Boring has a sole focus on quality above everything and highlights our organizations ability to do that in a tight turn around environment. Our ability to hoist up to three ton and have up to 144 inches below the hook lifting ability helps our organization to assist in faster set up, load handling and processing of your larger tools and details for faster project turn around. As an organization Eagle Boring has committed into a diverse range CNC machinery to be able to compete on pricing and delivery of customer projects. 

Eagle Boring L.L.C.

Eagle Boring L.L.C. in Clinton Township Mi is capable of CNC Boring mill, manual Boring mil and CNC Vertical machining of prototype and short run production machining of Castings, Weldments machine bases, Stantions, Risers, custom brackets and detail machining of a variety of different materials and able to create a process plan to get through any part no matter the dificulty. We are capable of 3d design and contouring of Prototype stamping tooling and experienced in 2D and 3D CNC Detail work also. We are well rounded in a diverse range of manufacturing solutions for your short run production and one off needs.